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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Jeff...

...why must you be such a pain?

Hello bloggers.
Fallen here.

I had just gotten back from my duties to check on him,
and I catch Jeff in the cutest position on the bed, holding his pillow against himself.

And yes, Jaron, a great guess , but I am not Russian.
My name, as Jeff has so revealed is Francheska.
My birth home is somewhere a little farther off.

I do admittedly care for our young friend here as a mother.
He is so sweet of course. Always wanting to help around the place I call home.

But, I digress.
The master is not pleased with my progress.
He may have another of us "push" Jeff into the right mindset.

I do not wish this for him.
He is something that I have not seen in a while.
He is stronger and braver than the others I have taken.

While I find those qualities endearing, he is truly becoming a problem.
He has taken the qualities of a Revenant without the side effects.
He speaks freely of the master without consequence.

I must break him of this.
To be a good mother, I must break and rebuild him.
I do love my dear Keeper.
But like the others, he must bend to his whims.

I am sorry to cause you so much pain, my dear Jeff.
But it must be done.

Shall I make it up to you later?

-The Fallen


  1. You wanna make it up to me? scratch that,to all of us?

    Burn in hell.because you will not live forever.i`ll stake my soul on that.


  2. Apologies, English is not my first language.

    I am apologizing to dear Jeff.
    For what I must do to him.

    I see no need in making it up to you and the others.

    You shall be taken care of.

    -The Fallen

  3. Good luck with that.
    I`ll be waiting.


  4. @J - your overly antagonistic nature is going to get you in trouble. I understand, you're upset about all this stuff that goes on, and you want to be able to help solve it.

    I know I've taunted my share of agents, but you're also pretty new at this, so keep in mind, you're not invincible, and agents can come at any point in time. Just saying you need to pace yourself.

  5. Zero,i now see you as a mentor.thanks for the wise words.

    F,do your worst.

  6. Listen to the boy,J.
    He is one of the smarter ones.

    Thank you Zero.

    Now, I must attend to Jeff.
    His pain is now immense.

    -The Fallen

  7. Fallen, one of these days, people like you won't exist.

    May not be soon, but that path keeps growing brighter.

    @J - ahh I'm not to special, but thank you for listening a little. it's tough sometimes, hell, all the time lately.

  8. I don't really give a damn that there isn't anything that I can do right now. Vengeance is best served cold, isn't it? I promise you, Fallen, I'm going to find away to make you pay for everything you do to Jeff. Sick bitch. Twisting the word "Mother" worse than Sarah Palin did.

    Jeff doesn't need any mothering from you. He's just fine as his own person.

  9. Jean, my dear.
    Jeff is in need of my care now.

    The master comes on the Solstice.

    He must be at full strength.

    But, I can see he does care for you.

    You shall be spared by the master.

    But my wrath is infinite to those who deny me my prize.

    This child is now mine.

    -The Fallen

  10. @fallen no thanks,i find comfort in religion for your information.

  11. "Spared by the master"? Excuse me whilst I laugh. Do you really believe that you have any way of influencing dear Slendy's thoughts? Your boss has his own agenda and can do whatever the hell he wants, and his reasons are unknowable. Saying he'll spare me is like saying the ground will let me stand on it, or the sky will do me the honour of not raining.

    Don't pretend you know what's going on. You're just as in the dark as the rest of us.

  12. Au contraire, my dear.

    Only I know the reason why Jeff was chosen.

    A fact that none of you considered.

    And, the master will not spare anyone. He targets at his will.

    I say that you will be spared from his wrath as you will undergo mine.

    The moment you deny me of my child.

    Is the moment you will be targeted.

    You shall not take Jeff from me.

    -The Fallen

  13. Ack! Mother Bear alert! I'm not going to mess with you, Fallen, though I can't speak for Blaze, one of my four personas. She hates all Hollowed... Including my secondary persona, Lily. ~Rose