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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A mother must do what she feels is right for her child.

I must tear his soul.

I must destroy his body.

I must maim and remake him in my image.

This boy is strong. I must overtake him.

My dear Jeff, I will make this as painless as possible.

It will be excruciatingly painful.
You will feel nothing and everything.

And when I am done.

You will have become mine.

 -The Fallen


  1. Goddamnit stay away from him. You know that he won't ever entirely bend to your will-- if he does it won't be him, and even if you can make him seem like one of you it won't matter because underneath he'll still be Jeff. He's too good for you lot anyway.

  2. You know nothing, girl.

    He will soon be mine.

    And he shall be the most valuable servant to the master.

    And when his task is complete, shall stay by my side.


    -The Fallen

  3. Fallen,you are not real...you are merely a shell of a body that once thinked,and felt,and lived.and,since i`m curious i have a question.What the hell is the rake and what is his involvement with //it//?

  4. "He will soon be mine". A little selfish, don't you think?

    He won't be yours. If he doesn't belong to himself, he isn't himself. You'll have a body, you'll have a shell, but it won't be Jeff. "Remake him in my image". Then he won't be Jeff anymore, he'll be you. You'll have a little clown clone sidekick running around. And Jeff'll be free.

    But he's not going to give up that easily.

    Where are you anyway? I want to challenge you to a duel.

  5. J, the Rake is another entity entirely. I have no knowledge of this Rake and especially none of the abomination //It//.

    Jean, I am everywhere and nowhere.
    The latter tonight, as I am with Jeff.

    I am watching him sleep.
    His peace soothes my mind.
    As I will be seeing this face at the end of his Hallowing.

    He will experience pain of a great magnitude.

    He shall scream, cry, and burn.

    But I will stand and do nothing.

    I know this must happen.

    A mother knows what is right for her child.

    And to face you in a duel.

    We shall wait and see.

    I would prefer to fight the Sage.

    But I see that you feel for Jeff.

    Do you two share some sort of bond?

    Does this boy mean anything more to you than a friend?

    He does to me.

    He shall become what I have lost.

    And I shall regain the position I sacrificed to the master.

    I shall become a mother again.

    -The Fallen

  6. Well,looks like you found an enemy in the rake.i think his name is like..the bringer of pain,lord of pain..something like that. second,//it// is another name we use to refer to your master.


  7. If I have my blogger content correct, //It// is another entity.

    Check Jack Tyler's blog, Scared.

    Go on J.

    I have no reason to attack you.

    I must attend to my child.

    -The Fallen

  8. Well,that helped me some.i can`t find a post were he actually at least tells what it looks like,and what it is..

  9. //It// is an abomination, J.
    The master is disgusted by its presence.

    Do learn that well.

    As even we Hallowed are in contempt of the creature.

    -The Fallen

  10. Stop taunting me, and stop hurting him. And stop pretending to be so superior.

  11. Your master is annoying when it comes to electronics..