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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

Hey Guys
Jeff and Fallen Here.

We survived guys,
against all odds , we survived.
Sorry about the drama.
We're on the run right now.

Sorry for the lack of posting as well.
Fallen and I were celebrating, so to speak.
If you call rocking the bed celebrating.
And I was wrong, she's pretty gentle.

My plan is complete.
We saved about a hundred Hallowed.
That's kind of the reason I got Hallowed .
Sorry for the scare.

We managed to get the cure.
Thanks to Zero and B.
It only worked because of Zero.
You brave bastard. Thank You.

This is just a simple update.
All the details will be posted later.
From where we are, it isn't safe.

I'm a little tired. So much love.
How about you take over Fallen?
Tell them what we're planning.

Of course, Jeff.
My pleasure.

Hello Bloggers.

Yes, Jeff and I have finally solidified our relationship.
Mind you, he was very gentle. Such a warm body.
It has been so long since I last shared my bed with a lover.

But we have managed to evade the Master, 
or as I now like to call him.
That complete and utter bastard.

Jeff and I are completely cured.
I can no longer hear that bastard's voice.

He has given me my redemption.
And his heart, the dear boy.

Or shall I say, my dear man.
We are on the run for now.

Our plans are to move through the U.S. along the hotels Jeff has booked.
We have decided to destroy the base as well.
Rose is coming with us. She needs some friends right now.

We may be visiting some of the other bloggers for Christmas.
First on the list, Fizzbomb and Jean.

Jeff would be happy to see his friends.
And I have taken a liking to them all.
And Jeff, my dear. Fallen is no longer my name.

Please call me Francheska from now on.
Of course, now that I say that.
That's what I'll be hearing from you tonight.
You bad boy, I should punish you now.

Got to go guys.
A little more "celebration" to be had.

Merry Christmas!
-Jeff and Francheska


  1. "Celebration." That's an unusual euphemism. You two have "fun". No wonder you've been quiet for the past day. ;)

    It's nice to have you two back. We were quite worried for a while there. Every time another person reports themselves safe Vieve lets out a sigh of relief, so even if I'm not reading over her shoulder I know when people have reported back.

    I took her out for lunch today. :)


  2. Glad you two are okay, and enjoying yourselves. Let us live, right?

  3. I guess this title does have a double meaning after all.

    Thanks Jean :).

    Also, Rose, it's safe to come in now.

    If you want to hang out?


  4. So your going on a Hallow curing road trip, eh?
    I'll have to keep an eye out to see if you come through my town~

    Good luck :D

  5. Suffice to say that's not our intention anymore, Sabrina.

    We can deter but not free them for now. The best we can do is clear their minds, but not the Hallowed effects.

    It'll be easier to keep them away from Slendy,that's for sure.

    The cure only worked because of Zero's efforts and the effect of the Solstice.

    He weakened the bastard enough to break his control, so all we had to do was remove the mental poisoning.

    But what we plan on doing is clearing a few Hallowed encampments around the U.S. as well.

    We might even go to Ireland to help Reach.

    But first, we want to visit all the bloggers that helped us along the way.

    First, Jean and Fizzy, since their the closest.

    We'll stop by and say hello, Sabrina, don't worry about that.


  6. Double meanings, always good fun.

    Also, in the second-last line of your most recent comment, *they're.


  7. By the by, you guys can afford a hotel, right?

    Because it sounds like several sleepless nights otherwise.

  8. Don't worry about us, Jean.
    My silly little Brit.

    I've got that little situation covered. Thanks for worrying about us, though.

    I have a few contacts in a high places that can help me out.

    That's how I was able to send you, Fizz, and our little Kiwi's Vivi and Chester those packages. And of course pay for Fizzy's next hotel rooms.

    So, staying at a hotel won't be a problem.

    Destroying the base.
    Well that's another story.


  9. Contacts in high places. That's handy. Good to know you've got some footholds.


  10. It reminds me of that country song "I've Got Friends in Low Places."

    Gonna go listen to that now, brb.

  11. *gave Jeff a kiss under the mistletoe* :3 ~Rose