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Monday, December 13, 2010

Latest Endeavors

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

And yes, what B said is true.
I have captured him.
But fear not.
He will remain alive.

Oh, what is that?

Rose has found him.
I asked her not to look for him.

She shall be dealt with.
Mind you, not with violence.

And B, my dear.

If you think your charming wit or
connection with Rika has saved you.
You are sadly mistaken.
You have something that I require.

Something I need to save Jeff.

-The Fallen


  1. Alright, Fallen, I've got a couple hours before it's time to check my hotel room for our mutual galpal and get some shuteye, so, what's your story? And why are you and Lost so intent on acting like a sort of PR branch for Slendy?

    Call it a lonely young woman idling away an hour or two, if you gotta. iPod's still charging and laptop's hot from running Cataclysm for several hours on end, which leaves me with actually socializing. ;)

  2. Fizzbomb, you must understand.

    After you left, there were some... drastic changes.

    Nessa's death drove Jeff to become one of us.

    I was the agent assigned to take him to the master.

    I was the one chosen to complete this process and train him to serve the master.

    Jeff, the kind soul he is, resisted every attempt at his Hallowing.

    He became a Revenant, like Reach.

    When he was introduced to the Master, we had thought him all but Lost.

    Lost is the mind and personality placed inside Jeff that was meant to overtake and initiate our control on him.

    But, unlike his predecessors, his mind survived, and began fighting against Lost.

    He then learned to coexist with Lost, who began to defend him at every turn.

    And then Zero, the illustrious former Sage, began to question Jeff's identity.

    And there is where Jeff began to break.

    The loss of his own identity left him broken.

    And that is where we stand today.

    And all I want is a way to bring him back.

    -The Fallen

  3. And if you have any further questions, ask Jean and Vivi.

    They were there to support him.

    -The Fallen

  4. That doesn't answer many questions, and certainly not the question I asked. I asked about *you* and what stake you have in this ambivalent way you have of dropping helpful information and encouragement. Nessa taught me better than to expect much from Jeff anymore, even if he's like Reach he's still prone to being controlled, as much as that hurts to type.

    So, again, I want to know what your angle is, beyond helping Jeff for obvious reasons (providing a more coherent Revenant for Slendy to sic on the rest of us). It's like I said, you and Lost are unusually sociable for people loyal to Faceless Francine.

  5. We are the master's servants, Fizz.

    Nothing more.

    But, I do have a story.

    If you do have the time.

    It is too long to post here.

    I shall write something for you.

    -The Fallen

  6. Well, Jeff knows my email, so does Jean, and its' not exactly hidden on my profile. Feel free to send it to me.

    Also, if you're furthering his cause by passively helping, well, then it looks like someone can take out the Complete Monster on TVTropes since that's blue and orange if it exists.