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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Story

It seems that someone else wants to know about me.
When it was Jeff, it was nice to explain it to someone.

Thank you, Fizzbomb, for asking.

My name is Francheska Allen.
I was born on May 17th, 1976.

My country of origin is the Poland.

I emigrated to the United States in 1978,
at the age of 2.

That is when I first saw the master.

He was standing there, by a tree.
At first, I thought it was a man in a suit.
I grew scared when I saw him come close to me.
And I ran back to my parents.

At the age of 18, I met my husband, 
Nicholas. And fell in love.

At the age of 21, I had two beautiful children.
Erin and Claus. We lived in a sunny home in California.

The children smiling, and Nicholas laughing and telling jokes.

Three years of bliss.

But then, at age 24, I came home to a horrific sight.
My husband, torn and bloody, his body impaled to a tree.

The master had returned for me, and had taken my children.
I fought back, screaming their names.
The master taunted me.
He broke me with their memories.

And, he said he would give them back.
If I joined him.

He lied.
I never saw my children again.

And for nine long years, I have served him.

I grew used to watching the faces of those I had taken for naught.

Until I had met Jeff.
He, Fizz, is the reason I became the way I am.

He gave me hope.
He understood and cared for me.
He showed me how to care for people again.
And he showed Lost the same.

He and Lost had become my salvation.
That is why I help.
He brought me back from the brink.
And now I wish to do the same for him.

-The Fallen

As for the Public Relations attitudes,
all of his servants act this way.
And we are no different. All we have done is create
the blogs to spread the good word of the master.
But now, with Jeff here.
It is now different.


  1. Sounds like he wanted a repeat performance with me and Jeff. Sucks that he got my hombre, but it's nice to hear your conscience is in working order again.

    Maybe, when this is over, I'll return to my place in Maryland, and we all can have a beer. If nothing else, I'll keep a couple cold in case I run into you and Jeff sometime while I'm exploring the country (and evading Slim). It's always nice to have friendly enemies, at least you can share a beer with them between clashes.

  2. The Solstice Approaches, Isabel.

    May we see you before then.

    But for now, Jeff must rest.

    -The Fallen

  3. Give him a hug goodnight for me. As for the Solstice, well, what will be, will be. I might show up, I might use the distraction to set up a new hideout.

    Either way, if we meet, there's a Sam Adam's with your name on it, and one for Jeff, too.

  4. It's nice to know a little more about you, seeing as you know so much about us.

    It's also nice to understand your motives a little.

  5. That attack on the base was freaking nuts.... You okay, Fallen? ~Rose