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Monday, December 6, 2010

Updates and Thoughts.

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen here.

I have heard from Lost.
He has taken care of Rose.
Apparently after he knocked me unconscious.
I do not appreciate this.

His host was much nicer.
But I digress.
She is still alive.

I have spoken to the personality she calls Lily.
She has told me that her sister is determined to save Jeff.
Or what remains of him.
It is odd, as it seems that Jeff is all but Lost.

Hm. I seem to have made a pun.

As far as news goes, the master plans for the Solstice.
Your bloggers, runners, and fighters have no chance.
With Lost containing all that is and ever was of Jeff.

You cannot stop us.
You cannot hide from us.
You cannot win against us.

He thought he could resist the master.
Do not make the same mistake he did.

But, otherwise, have fun with your lives.
And to now have fun with mine, I must now continue my duties.

Training Lost is going to be a hassle.
But I must say that it is a mother's duty to do well by her child.

Farewell, Bloggers.

-The Fallen

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  1. Hehe I think I know your masters weak spot.If I'm correct and we attack that point your boss will be gone as soon as the battle begins.