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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Tough Night

Hello Bloggers.
Fallen Here.

Jeff is in a catatonic state at the moment.
He is too weak to fight and too unstable to speak.

Rose is caring for him, and I am keeping watch as best I can.

But I am worried for him.

What Zero said was startling.
And I would kill him for driving Jeff into his current condition.
But that would only drive Jeff into further mental decay.

Unlike what many of you believe, I was once human.

And that part of me cares for the well being of Jeff.

But back to the reason for my late update.

I have heard a rustling noise in the woods.
It was another one of those monstrosities.
From what I gathered from Lost and Lily,
They were created by J.

I managed to subdue it and drive it into the lake.
It screeched and died.
If any more are coming, I shall be ready to protect him.

The boy has become more than my charge.
He has become my reason to live.

-The Fallen


  1. ...Proxies are people too, huh?

    Knock knock, Jeff. Vivi calling. We're all here for you. Jean and I am, at the very least. This is a nightmare, Jeff, and you need to wake up. Clear your mind. Stand up. Zero probably didn't mean to push you over the edge, he was just stating a theory. You took things the wrong way.

    I feel this is my fault. If you look at the comments, on that particular post...I feel really guilty for clarifying what I thought Zero meant. I'm so sorry. Nice Job Breaking It, Vivi.

  2. This is not your fault, Vivi.

    Jeff needs some time to recover.

    But, Zero never trusted him.
    Jeff wished for Zero to trust him.

    And when that did not happen, similar to his loss of Nessa, he lost himself.

    -The Fallen

  3. It would hurt, for someone you cared about to regard you with distrust...it would hurt too much.

    Protect your heart, Jeff. These are dangerous times we live in, and you can't afford to lose it every time you get hurt. You have to stand up, wipe your eyes, smile disarmingly at the world, and move forward. Keep calm and carry on.

    ...if it helps...

    I trust you.

  4. Thank you, Vivi.
    He would have appreciated that.

    But Jeff has taken losses hard before.
    He loved Nessa.
    He loved Zero.

    He is such an emotional person.
    His love for you and his friends was genuine and infinite.

    Jeff is a person, though so ordinary does such extraordinary things.

    And the one thing he wished to do was protect all of you.

    His loss of Nessa is what drove him to us. But he was too strong to be completely overtaken.

    He did not lose himself to us.
    He was broken after the loss of his friend, but he held.

    What finally left Jeff truly corrupted was trying to understand his situation.

    Did he succeed, or did he fail?

    Time can only answer that, Vivi.

    Thank you for your time.

    -The Fallen

  5. No more shall you all stand.
    i will destroy it.and then youwillleadmetotheark