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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeff's Awake

And, yes, it is true.

Jeff is finally awake.

But he isn't speaking much.
Rose is busy hugging him.
He seems somewhat unresponsive.

He was screaming in his sleep earlier.
His body shook and he began to cry.
But now, he is peaceful.

As a mother, I feel relieved.
And as his friend, I am very worried.

Where is Lost?

What went on in Jeff's mind? 

-The Fallen


  1. Probably the craziest stuff,you've ever seen.

  2. Reborninto2.1

  3. Fallen I know you probably worship the ground tall dark and lanky walks on, but have you ever considered that others aren't as comfortable casting out their humanity? If lost is as his name suggest I hope he stays that way locked in the subconscious of Jeff's psyche. If you honestly and truly care for Jeff you should help him escape this horror filled nightmare because isn't that what mothers do best?

  4. Well, thank god he's awake. Jeff, best wishes to you. Be well and stay safe.

  5. Actually guys, Fallen is right. If there is no sign of Lost that is quite concerning. Have they merged, or is LOST gone, or...?

  6. Well,lost doesn't concern me that much.he may have changed,but hallows are hallows,guys.don't let them steer you away from the truth.

  7. I will admit a sense of relief that he's conscious.