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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess Who's Back.

Hey guys.
Jeff Here.

How long was I out for?

All I remember is making my deal with Lost, and then collapsing.
The next thing I do is wake up, Fallen laying next to me,
Lost gone, and Rose hugging me like a maniac.

So, Fallen has filled me in.
Bless her soul and her sweet nature.
With all the information, and the hot soup I've been drinking lately.
Apparently a few things have happened since I've been gone.

I met B today.
Nice guy. But I feel bad for his missing hand.

Fizz is back!
Which I appreciate.
God we need a bad ass like her around.
Especially now.

I...Thank you, Redlight.
She finally has the peace she deserves.

Jean and Vivi have encountered more Hallowed activity.
And Viv, you saw him?
Stay safe, My precious Brit and Kiwi.

Zero, you lazy bastard.
Keep yourself safe.

Sabrina drew a picture of me?
Thank you, sweetheart.
Must see it now.

Man I missed a lot.

So, J's freaky beasties didn't exist, huh?
Guess that was another part of Fallen's plan.

Rose, thank you for staying by me.
Lily, I'm so sorry that Lost is gone.

I vaguely remember a  conversation we had before he was overtaken.

The  last thing he said to me was: "Take care of Lily."

God I miss Lost.
For a Hallowed persona put in my head
to make me turn to the dark side,
He wasn't that much of a bad guy.
It was actually kind of comforting knowing he had my back.

But enough of the small talk.

It's nice to hear from you guys again.
I really missed all of you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
It's time to rock and roll.


Fizz, please don't hit on Fallen.
And I know this wouldn't deter you anyway.
But I kind of like her.


  1. Welcome back,man.
    Red's a pretty nice guy,never trust him though,ya never know.

  2. I mean, I'll do it anyway, but just for the hell of it rather than to actually get her between the sheets.

    Anyway, good to have you back up and running. Like I said on Para, we ought to have coffee sometime. Or beer, whatever. I think I promised Fallen a Sam Adam's.

  3. I'm not exactly sure how I'm lazy, but whatever.

    @J - So you've talked to Redlight then also? Hmmm, yes I could see why he'd be interested in you. I suggest not talking to him.

  4. Fizz, in that first paragraph you reminded me far too much of Chester.

    We missed you too, Jeff. It's good to have you back.

  5. And yes indeed, I did see him. I've seen him twice now. Nothing major, just standing across the road for an hour or two then disappearing.

  6. It's nice to be back, Vivi.

    Which reminds me, Fallen and I are off.

    We're off to see Fizz at a coffee shop.

    Oh, and guys.

    Weird thing, Slendy is here today.

    He wanted to speak to Fallen earlier.

    I was listening in, and I heard something about Nightcrawler, Basroil, and Lasers.

    Which means something else awesome went on while I was asleep.

    Aww. I never get to see all the cool stuff.

    Can someone fill me in?


  7. Here you go, Jeff. http://nightcrawler-observeandterminate.blogspot.com/

  8. Jeff:
    Had a ton of fun at the coffee shop. Why didn't anyone tell me Fallen was that hot? (lucky bastard)

    And what is it with female Slenderproxies/Hallowed/Etc. always being lookers?

    Ah well, thoughts for another day. Gonna grab a bus to somewhere more east. Maybe spend a day or two in Texas or one of the Four Corners states.

  9. Heh Heh.

    Yeah, she is pretty.

    I knew you'd like her.

    So, a fan of brunettes with blue eyes too huh?

    Thank you for the hospitality.

    By the way, check that envelope I gave you.

    Hopefully it'll cover whatever little endeavors you are planning.


  10. The hell's in it, anyway? I stashed it in my backpack and caught a bus this morning, enjoying some coffee and pancakes at a Denny's right now.

  11. Let's just say I paid off your next few motel rooms.

    By the way, your welcome.

    And thanks for the coffee :)


  12. Holy shit, dude, these are classy places. Thank you.

    You and Fallen take good care of each other. After the New Year (or, hell, maybe for New Year's Eve) you and me and Fallen, we're all gonna go to Ram's Head Tavern down by where I live in Maryland and get annihilated-drunk.

  13. Welcome back Jeff it's good to have you back!

    @Fallen from what I've read B's blog your looking for an antidote or cure for Jeff. I'd suggest a gentler method as torture seems to have the opposite of the intended effect more often than not, where as positive reinforcement tends to deliver the results intended more regularly.

  14. By the way, when you get to your next location, I left a package with a friend.

    Hope you enjoy what's inside.

    It should be a 'blast'.

    Pun intended.


  15. Ritzy hotel and a surprise? No wonder Fallen turned me down for you. ;)

  16. ...

    Do I want to know what the pair of you are planning?

    Anyway, sorry it took me so long to say it-- but it's good to have you back, Jeff. Stay safe, man. God, so many friendly neighbourhood proxies. Can't be healthy.

    Fallen, be good to Jeff. Though I don't doubt you will.

  17. I'll be in touch, Jean.
    My little Brit :).

    And don't worry.
    I'm just helping Fizzy along with her running. Best thing I can do right now.

    And yes, Fallen is being good to me. But I should be better to her.

    She's... she's really nice, and sweet, and really pretty.

    Uh, uhm...


    Oh, it's nice to be back.


  18. On that note--I might crash the party at Jean's. All comic book villain-style.

    Also, Jeff, Fallen is *hot*. If you let this opportunity slide I'll kick your ass personally.

  19. Fizz!
    Come on, Fallen is great.
    It's just...

    Well,I dunno.

    Maybe I should talk to her.


  20. Comic book villain-style? I guess your lucky the proper authorities have all gone home for Christmas. :3

    Be sure you keep in touch Jeff, I'd rather not be thrown out of the loop again.

    "She's... she's really nice, and sweet, and really pretty." <--- -Begins writing fanfiction-

    Maybe you should talk to her, young man! Go forth and... well, I don't know. Do something.

    I feel like I missed out on all that coffee-shop nonsense.

  21. You'll see it in a post later on.
    I'm kind of talking to Fallen right now.


    PS: Help, tongue tied, she's really pretty! Can haz help plz?

  22. "Is god missing an angel? Because"--

    Wait, no, don't say that.

    Just be honest. She'll prolly just find your tongue-tiedness cute.

  23. She's an older woman!

    Curse my lack of experience.


  24. Put her on, I'll tell her your heart flutters and your knees quiver at the sight of her, and that you'd love nothing more than to lay her down by the fire in a candle-lit room and serenade her with Barry White.